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Commercial Solar

As a business owner, you might think that only larger commercial properties can afford solar.  However, with advent of multiple new finance vehicles on the market for the commercial market, solar is an absolute no-brainer!  We have solutions for businesses of any size, including for profit businesses, churches and any other not-for-profit entities.

In many cases, you can purchase solar for your commercial property with no money out of pocket and have upwards of 65% of the system paid for in the first year through tax credits, write-offs and utility savings!

Financial Returns Available:

  • Eliminate or reduce your utility costs overall
  • Eliminate demand charges charged by your utility
  • Capture the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
  • Capture federal advanced depreciation
  • Capture California straight line depreciation (10 years)

Financing Available

  • Short term conventional loans at 0% interest work for any size of commercial property
  • Long term PACE loans with up to 30 year terms to get the lowest monthly payment possible
  • Operating leases or Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)  available if you are not able to capture the tax benefits
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