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Whole Home Solar

Whether you are looking for financial returns, lower energy costs or making a positive environmental impact, at Gold Rush Energy, we apply creative measures to ensure you reach your goal when you switch to solar energy for your home. Here are some of the creative solutions to help you get your home powered by the sun

Creative Financing

With interest rates as low as 1.99% and no money out of pocket, we can make the switch to solar completely effortless and more affordable than ever!  And even if you have had bad credit, we can often still help

Can’t Capture Tax Incentives?

We have several types of leases and PPA’s (Power Purchase Agreements) that are perfect in this situation.  In fact, we even have an option to leverage a PPA that transfers into full ownership after only 6 years.

Too Much Shade

With so many high wattage panels on the market now, we can make more power with even less usable roof space.  Additionally, increases in panel efficiency and the effectiveness of micro-inverters make tackling shade issues easier than ever before.

Roof in Poor Condition

Did you know that you may be able to leverage solar tax incentives to help you pay for a new roof for your home?  You simply need to roll your roof repair or replacement inside a solar installation agreement. Consult your tax advisor for more information.

Can’t Install on My Type of Roof

Unlike some of the other solar names you may know, we do not have to walk away from challenging situations.  Our staff will help you no matter what type of roof you have! If you want solar on your home, Gold Rush Energy can most certainly get you there!
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